Start your own porn tube and earn money! offers you the possibility to create your own porn tube. There is no need to have developer skills or what so ever. Your adult website is automatically generated and hosted on our servers. The only thing you have to do is bring in some visitors and get the fun started.

How it works?

Step1: Create your tube

The first step is creating your porn tube. Don't panic, it's easy! Just adapt it to your taste. The content is automatically prefilled with existing videos (and updated daily), so no need to upload content! You can specify a keyword that will define the kind of videos that will appear (example: milf) on your tube. You can fully customize your porn tube site with logo, favicon and colors!

Step2: Easily configure your ads

Ads will get you cash. Within your website it's easy to configure some text ads. You can use any affiliate program you want! The only thing you need to have a affiliate link to create your ad.
TIP: A great affiliate program -> Crakcash affiliate program

Step3: Get some visitors to your site

This is the key thing! Promotion, Promotion, Promotion, ... Visitors will click your ads and get you dollars. There are a lot of ways to bring in the traffic. Just use your imagination or hang around on webmaster forums to get ideas.

Step 4: Earn money

Once you get some traffic you can start optimizing your ads and try new affiliate programs to maximize your income!

More help needed?

You can always check out our blog. We'll post some howto's so that you guys easily can get started.

Do you have questions, suggestions or anything else?

Just contact us and we love to help you!

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